Loving someone with absolutely no expectations sounds like a utopian idea. To say we love one another as we love ourselves cannot be true unless there is an intrinsic reward, whether direct or indirect. That’s not to say we are not loving individuals, it is simply that our most basic makeup is to be self-serving. The key to understanding if unconditional love is feasible or not is to understand the very nature of our mind.

Our mind is built to compartmentalize, making it difficult to experience oneness among all beings – the goal, though, is to learn to recognize the innate connectedness we all share.

This realization is the root of unconditional love – knowing that it is the very same life flowing through us all that allows us to love without hesitation. With this awareness, all of existence will now be in your affection. It’s only when you view the world around you as polarized from yourself that fear-breeding division occurs.

Love is not what you do. Love is what you are. The only obstacle to unconditional love is not recognizing this.