Dr. Rajeev Kurapati

Dr. Rajeev Kurapati is a medical practitioner, philosopher, author, and speaker whose expertise spans the past, present, and future of medicine. With a distinguished career in healthcare, he brings a unique perspective to the field, blending his medical knowledge with profound philosophical insights. Dr. Kurapati is also an accomplished author, having received awards for five thought-provoking books. As a speaker, he shares his wisdom on the evolving landscape of healthcare, bridging the gap between ancient wisdom and modern science. Dr. Kurapati’s commitment to both healing and enlightenment embodies a holistic approach to wellness and the pursuit of knowledge.

Dr. Kurapati practices Hospital Medicine at St. Elizabeth Healthcare, Kentucky, USA. In addition, he also serves as Assistant Professor of Medicine at University of Kentucky (NKY Medical School). He is triple board certified from American Board of Family Medicine, American Board of Obesity Medicine and American Board of Lifestyle Medicine.

Dr. Kurapati completed medical training at Kilpauk Medical College, Chennai and St. Elizabeth Family Medicine Residency, Kentucky. He received fellowship training in Integrative Medicine from Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine, University of Arizona. He obtained an MBA from University of Missouri, Kansas City and also holds an MA in Sanskrit.

Dr. Kurapati is an award winning author of five books,

  1. Unveiling Maya: Translation and Hidden Insights of Dakshinamurthi Stotram
  2. The Book of Body Positivity 
  3. Unbound Intelligence
  4. Physician: How Science Transformed the Art of Medicine 
  5. Burnout in Healthcare

He spoke at TEDx on Why Don’t we Reverse Diseases Yet? His articles pertaining to medicine, culture, and lifestyle have been published in Slate Magazine, Cincinnati Enquirer, Medical Economics, Journal of KAFP, NKY Tribune, Mind Body Green, Life Hack, Millennial Magazine, KevinMD, the Yoga Blog, The Good Men Project, and other outlets. Born and raised in India, he now resides in Cincinnati, USA.


  • Recipient of the Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine Scholarship – 2021-23
  • Honorable Mention in Los Angeles Book Festival – 2021 (Physician)
  • First Place Winner — Chanticleer International Book Awards – 2019 (Physician)
  • Silver Medal Award — Global eBook Award- 2019 (Physician)
  • Silver Medal — North American Book Award – 2019 (Physician)
  • Foreword INDIES — Honorable Mention for Health Category – 2018 (Physician)
  • Royal Dragonfly Book Awards Winner — First Place in Science & Technology – 2018 (Physician)
  • Readers Favorite Gold Medal Award – 2018 (Physician)
  • Silver Medal Award — American Non-fiction Book Awards – 2018 (Physician)
  • Winner of Pinnacle Book Achievement Award – 2015 (Unbound Intelligence)
  • Winner of National Indie Excellence Award – 2014 (Unbound Intelligence)
  • Gold Medal in Living Now Book Awards – 2014 (Unbound Intelligence)
  • Finalist in USA Best Book Awards – 2014 (Unbound Intelligence)
  • Finalist in the International Book Awards – 2014 (Unbound Intelligence)
  • Finalist — USA Best Book Awards – 2014 (Unbound Intelligence)
  • Honorable Mention in Paris Book Festival – 2014 (Unbound Intelligence), 2018 (Physician)
  • Outstanding Teacher Award by Medical Residents – 2008

Selected Writings